A Quick Look and How to

Q & A

  • Q.1 What are the highlighted lines when files are selected for inclusion?
    • A.1 Apart for the alternating blue background in the grid, other highlights means there is a problem with the file and it will be ignored.
    • For example, green means that the file/path is duplicated in the list
    • Other issues are that the file now doesn't exist or that there are spaces in the filename
    • You can delete them by choosing Delete Highlighted.

Simple Additional How-tos

1. Create a Shortcut for another Subproject

  • Create, build and debug the other subprojects (Eg an application (.exe))
  • Run the wizard
  • Choose Get FlatRelease
    • You will then open the OS/RelDir Directory
  • Open the CPU-Config folder that was built to.
  • Select the .exe and complete the subproject
    • Or add other files first
  • Add the new subproject
  • Note that the BIB column defaults to Unchecked
    • It won't be in this BIB. It won't get copied to Resources
  • Select which Folder the Shortcut gets copied to
  • You can also use this for existing OS resources in the FlatRelease directory
  • You can also put the full path to the current FlatRelease Directory as a third parameter for the Wizard

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